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Saline infusions have been used in order to wash out the blood

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profuse perspiration appeared anteriorly and extended back

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should be repeated daily until the disease is under control and the

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sinuses. In the majority of cases the nasal or sinus symptoms are


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but cocain is a dangerous drug and conducive to a most destructive

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induced by baths and especially by drugs such as pilocarpin.

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volvement is frequent from dermatomyositis. Muscle outlines can

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Prophylactic Treatment. This may ward off for along time a threat

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Lecturer on Clinical Pathology in the University of Glasgow and Director

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patient in a hospital in Philadelphia once developed scurvy although

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ganglion in relation to the superior maxillary division of the

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in advancing cases delusions are not uncommon. Senile insanity

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to show progress in the hospital. The number of patients

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are especially suggestive of a blood infection and in fact as already

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business and whose obligations and responsibiHties cannot be laid

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la Tourette. Souques reports a cure through use of methyl blue as a

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too much distraught to be easily influenced by persons or things

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making rapid recoveries without any ill effects. While this is

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over 99 F. The highest recorded temperature is lOO S F.

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sufficient ehmination by the kidneys occurs. When the cardiac power

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carbonate of iron 2 drs. stiff mucilage of gum arabic sufficient to work

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tion the cold will close the pores and favor congestion or other diseases.

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Washington state Maine Florida and Puerto Rico being among

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