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 Snow Roof Rakes for Easy Snow Removal


How or when to use a snow roof rake

Snow roof rakes are used for removing the heavy snow or drifting snow off of the roof of your home. This is to prevent damage from the heavy load and also to prevent ice damming. Using a snow roof rake is a safe way of removing the snow without getting on the slippery roof. It is best to remove the snow as soon as you can before it gets a chance to freeze down.

Ice Damming

Ice damming happens when you get snow cover and heat from your house warms the roof.  The roof over the house usually melts first because of heat rising up from the attic but the eve of the house get air all around it and the snow over the eve stays frozen. When the water runs down from the melting snow it freezes on the eve making a dam. Then water builds up and backs up under your shingles causing water to leak in. Water damage can be very expensive.

For ice damming prevention all you need to do with a snow roof rake is remove the snow off the eve. You can do this by standing on the ground with a snow roof rake and work it back and forwards removing the snow as you go around the house. Push the snow roof rake up, step over and pull the rake towards you pull the snow off.


If you have concerns about the weight of the snow and want to clean off your entire roof it can be done with a snow roof rake. You will most likely need to purchase a snow roof rake that you can add extensions.  This will give you the extra reach and you can adjust to the length needed for different areas...

 Midwest snow roof rake 16'  Midwest snow roof rake 21'  Midwest snow roof rake 16'

Midwest Snow Roof rakes 16' aluminum, Model 963221, 22"blade made of indutrial strenght aircraft aluminum, 16' 4 piece handle with grip


Midwest Snow Roof Rakes 21' with shingle saver edge, Model 96721 Ultra light weight aluminum, 24" blade width, 4-5/8" blade depth, 4 section handle


Midwest 16 foot Aluminum Snow Roof Rakes Model 96022, 16' reach, 22" x 4 5/8 blade, has 3 snap together extensions, available in 5’ extension handles


 Garelick snow roof rake 16' to 20'  Snow roof rake extention 4'  Midwest snow roof rake extention 5'

Garelick 16 Foot Aluminum Snow Roof Rakes has 3 snap together sections, blade is 24"x 7", this is a good way to prevent ice dams and snow weight.

16'  $39.33

Midwest Snow Roof Rake Extension Handle model 96048 4' extension, snap together splices, fits Midwest 92022


Midwest Snow Roof Rake Extension Handle model 96060 , 5' sections, snap pin splices, limited lifetime warranty, add as many extensions as humanly possible, fits Midwest 96022


 Snow Joe 21' snow roof rake  garelick snow roof rake 16' and 21'  Ames Snow roof Rake
Snow Joe 21 foot snow roof rakes The rake features a 24"W aluminum head with shingle guard sleeve that attaches to a 21' four-piece snap-pin handle.

21' $69.00

Garelick Snow Trap Snow Roof Rakes Comes with 1-1/2 Dia poly wheels, easy snap-together sections - 16' has 3, blade measures 24" x 7", made in USA

16'  $50.26

Ames Snow Roof Rake comes with 3 sections of lightweight aluminum handle extends to 17' Poly blade won't damage roof 2 aluminum braces for stability Blade dimensions: 22"x 6-1/2"

17' $47.82


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