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monest and most distressing of the congenital malformations. As

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Treatment. There are few conditions in which a painstaking in

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Hematuria may be very severe and may occur with coUc or without

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which was published in the journal of that institution.

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may suddenly and repeatedly bow shrug his shoulders nod turn or

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ever. Arguments were advanced in favor of the writer s rea

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mider favorable circumstances also the general average of the length of life

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Dr. Jowett has given the veterinary profession a concise and

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nervous system that it supplies. We question the nervous system the secretory

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in the B P. Characters doses and remarks are given opposite

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him and being anxious to tind an explanation he asked for

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and gynecologic nursing. The instructions given are full of useful detail.

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dition the membership ninety one and the financial statement

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vessels lymphatic spaces and ventricles. These procedures will be

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to bed for four weeks and then returned to work but after

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distinguish it from the Canada it was always called the bull thistle. Press

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saKcylates. Later strychnin may be employed at first in doses of

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distances being too great to arrange dispensary consultations.

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has no influence whatever on the uremic condition. Chloral hydrate

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Remarks. This case though in many respects resembling

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were coming from his nostrils. There was great depression

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relief of pain. Individuals with low blood pressure do not seem to be

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trophic origin. Putnam regards trauma as of influence in etiology and

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of Detroit as to the condition of his colt as follows

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There are a combination of the symptoms of pneumonia and of typhoid fever.

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quent paralysis of the tongue and of the muscles of deglutition. Arti

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Informal dances arc sponsored by various classes and

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surgeon should consider the advisability of performing the operation

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tion. Dyspnoea was but very slight and while there was still

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or fluid extract of veratrum viride. The compound powder of Ipecac and

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Prognosis. It is generally unfavorable. Palsy does not suddenly prove

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and debihtated patients or in uremia occurring in chronic cases

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markets easier than to quote from the Western Mural upon these questions.

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to the spread of this disease. The other organs were normal

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the ureter at the same time. Should the ureter be too thickened

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There is every prospect of a redord breaking meeting at

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milk of the cow his investigations are of special interest to

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as a cause of the trouble another writer says stabulation and

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and middle lobe there are scattered foci of suppuration

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the armamentarium of the alienist because of their powerful influence

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on either side of each row of eyelets. The material of which this

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unsatisfactory. Leeching or wet cups behind the ears or over the

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Striking in. Sometimes the eruption of measles disappears suddenly

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of site the hospital would possess the advantages of suitable

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Remarks. I have prescribed them and found them to have the desired

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and encourage private building for the benefit of the artisan

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Once on account of thickening of the flexor tendon and its

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found to be normal pulse good full and strong with pulsations

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In chronic cystitis due to bladder tumor stone or other foreign

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Removal of the tumor by surgical means is not always possible

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oughly. Heat the preparation in a small flame several times

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done under the personal supervision of a medical attendant.

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described by Schmidt and Parkes Weber are closely related to those of

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increase of irritation. At this time all stimulant lotions and ointments should

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the period of Kfe at which the injury or disease occurred. The final

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a woman whose left kidney descended into the ihac fossa and gave rise

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The remaining cases of the series could not be classified definitely as they

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the hereditary chorea of Huntington and so called electric chorea.

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interrupted nerves of the plexus. Apart from surgical measures the

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bleeding lasts the eggs and milk must be very little increased

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Treatment. The same general principles as already detailed in

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cretions and the contractions of the organ it softens the con

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care must be taken when the muscles of deglutition and respiration

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used as a hospital for wounded soldiers. The hospital was to

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occurring in cases that chnically do not show any definite pathologic

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the corneal microscope minute particles of dust in the corneal epithelium but

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kept or assisted in keeping a nursing service in Fair Isle

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Treatment. In the first place the physician should take care in

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other times he had no pain. His frequency became more and

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patient can retain it in relieving the headache. Other remedies may

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responsible for 57 deaths of which 32 were due to pulmonary

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existed between the asylums and the outside world.

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medical is only equalled by his commercial astuteness.

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sugar 1 grammes of chloride of sodium common salt 23 grs.