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carefully considered and approved a Bill for the purpose which
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later date settled in Glasgow as a physician where he worked
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becoming progressively more constipated and has to rely on
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cological Departments of the Western and Royal Infirmaries.
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important contra indications I should include first brittle and
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To which I remonstrated and begged to suggest that he instruct
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rarely extensive or clearly outhned. The prognosis is better than in
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and lung disorders. The condition was described in more detail in
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blood at the beginning of micturition the remainder of the flow
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I found his temperature loi. The next day it was normal
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Isolated Fractures of the Vertebral Bodies. Under this head are
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and sensory paralysis below the level of the divided segment com
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scientific study of their actions or of immunity from them could
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with a small quantity of nitrogenous matter found in the
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haberdasher had been disturbed and the body removed probably
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BemarTcs and General Directions. The most nourishing soups are made of
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In the treatment of that most troublesome condition prolapse
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honor of the specific treatment as being the animal nearest to
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give the writer s name. They were given under the head of
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harm. Among them may be mentioned champagne the carbonated
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that if all tuberculous cows were slaughtered following a tuberculin test there
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many months after the disease has been apparently cured the presence of the
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In directing the work of enabling men to apply for these
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General depression some emaciation and a discharge of pus
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has also been employed but with no decisive result. The seton has
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tensor of the toe was not established so that the inference is
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the Stretcher Bearer Drill and the Handling and Carrying of Wounded
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partly with the internist who is often unwilling to commit himself
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been treated entirely and not particularly successfully by orthopecUc
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insignificant as they are in the Bureau of Animal Industry
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Gushing has pointed out our failure to advance the treatment of
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WTien the primary lesion is in the ethmoid sinuses the frontal
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lamb sparingly. It is not wise however to interdict the use of the
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and Art by continued experience became more and more perfect
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The bowels should be freely opened by salines either alone or in
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several years the author has impressed this fact upon students in
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whisky well diluted. In the terminal stages of nephritis the effect
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other theory based upon the following principle The co
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the use of filter paper discs to collect the serum. We have
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Minutes of last annual meeting in Lansing and subsequent
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she had been at a man who did those operations but that
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iodid of iron should be substituted wnth frequent return to the iodid
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colleges could be best controlled by the various States Boards
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unable to prevent a constant dribbling of urine also those cases
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the week ended on 26th June the cars in Glasgow district alone
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Operation is contraindicated in cases of extensive paralysis with
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below the inferior angle of the scapula. Not infrequently they are
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nary boards. The number of members in each of these boards
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that the blood conserved therein although completely still did
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but which he afterwards thought entirely unnecessary. Its size was 40 by 15
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marked and persistent edema. This t gt pe may occur in diphtheria
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tumor grows rapidly and pain and hematuria are generally present.
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fore stated upon which side to operate. But it often occurs
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given in full therapeutic doses. As in most cases of acute nephritis
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ANTI ITIS. If yours does not write us direct and we
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ternal coat deprived of its endothelium was rough. Posteri
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cision after eight minutes of exercise the animal would be re
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generally indicative of a more or less acute vesical catarrh.
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three seconds and subsequent dilatation for a longer period. Landois
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most important means at hand. Marinesco had negative results in
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the art of baby sitting in pediatrics after she has
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fifteen days after the first test provided that satisfactory evi
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careful feeding plenty of vegetable food cleanliness and exercise.
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from acute catarrhs of many different mucous surfaces. Many
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of the nausea and vomiting they may induce and also the tendency
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the early stages the urine may contain epithehal and fatty casts and
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not by any means always present nor is impairment of hearing neces
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ing sugar and in chronic coughs with profuse expectoration.