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introduce the possible words. Some patients can sing before they can talk.

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Chronic sore eyes diarrhea a lingering cough etc. are liable to follow

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distinction was earned by conspicuous gallantry and devotion

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If all such cases be examined for the fusiform bacillus in

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perspiration is considerably greater than that induced by ordinary

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inclined to view the case as being either one of chronic glanders

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considerable proportion of large lymphocytes and myelocytes.

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coating of coal tar keeps out the moisture thereby preserving the wood from

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It is probable that if seen at this stage the disease may be

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magnesia acts equally well and is free from these adverse

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The Triple Qualification. At the examinations of the

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in speaking of the new remedy for burns and scalds before the Massachusetts

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against injuries even the most trifling. Surgical interference is un

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one is Do not operate while improvement is taking place. If it

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this important question on the pathogeny of anthracosis.

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A simple method of introducing the ointment without any

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ments or actions. This form of myospasm is most frequently met wdth

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The dietary of the poor usually lacked a proper proportion of

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carbohydrates should be moderate in amount. Starches and sugars not

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roots require coolness and moi sture. Without these conditions in dry seasons

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oxaluria. The habitual deposit of uric acid or oxalate of lime

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Villous papillomata if attached by a pedicle and the sessile

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Professor of Animal Pathology in the University of Nebraska Lincoln

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and cases of true spinal muscular atrophy have been reported with the

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syphilitic thickening of the meninges with subsequent or accompanying

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rotated slowly to the right side and the eyes deviated upwards

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he is suffering is not one of moment. In other words the physician

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such a readjustment of civil practice as will liberate all who can

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apart from the bacteriological examination of the samples to be

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Medical Hints For the Use of Medical Officers temporarily employed with

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meningitis which occurs as a distinct affection is the most important.

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plemented by giving a tablespoonful of powdered bone meal in

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Infected urine with symptoms of cystitis pyehtis or pyeloneph

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stiff. Bake a light brown. Serve with sweetened cream or milk with nutmeg

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be efficient drainage without risk of suppurative meningitis or of

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part of a general anemia but the cerebral symptoms may be the most

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The rules for the administration of water in acute renal diseases

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right testicle. The septum is incised through as well as the

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