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symptoms occur due to absorption with the edematous fluid of the

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care must be taken when the muscles of deglutition and respiration

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tion pyuria and pain but the cystoscope may show a perfectly nor

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the surgical indications in urinary tract diseases including under

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forward is directed further dorsally and somewhat below the

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measurement in inches of the termination of the plantar nerve

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again appear. The surgeon has now had time for investigation of

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these cases all causes that induce cardiac irritability should be avoided.

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several weeks but he received no benefit from it. When I was

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dependent on a slight traumatism and preceded by an attack

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alterative condition powders daily in his feed with such other treatment and

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of the urologist have greatly improved during recent years

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native of Kirkintilloch Lieutenant M Gowan studied medicine

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contrary by excitement and loquacity with a tendency to

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Special attention should be given to the bladder rectum and

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catarrh of the stomach is present as a compUcation and may suggest

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Wounds of the head should of course be treated aseptically.

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been introduced and fully discussed. The consideration of the drugs includes

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Owing to the uncertain nature of the disease to the impossibihty to say

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not too heavily and spiced according to taste and thoroughly mixed. About

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dietary for peptic ulcer. It need not be carried out rigidly but

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University Officers Training Corps whose A certificate he held.

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considered in connection with the pectoral limbs of the horse

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Dopter described a case due to pressure of a tumor Nawratski found

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tors infectious vaginal catarrh is caused by a streptococcus the

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or cases where the distension of the renal pelvis was relieved by

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calling upon that last organization for reforms reforms which

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If the stone is small it may be passed spontaneously after dilatation

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the heart somewhat hypertrophied and the kidneys the seat of

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as controls while 30 will receive the first vaccine at the hands

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My observations lead me to believe that a full dose 1 c.c. of

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cerebral hemisphere were several foci of encephalitis they were small of a

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his evening milking. She paid no attention to him. When

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plants are treated and the book closes with a description of the

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be attached definitely to the centre serving generally the area

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physical and the patient begins to ask permission to sit up to leave

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II. Lemon juice in Diphtheria is endorsed by American physicians as the

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of his bills in the Register of Protested Bills kept in the Sheriff

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nerve. The insertion of the tenaculum permits of no mistake

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has ruled for a number of years and we congratulate the profes

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Mr. Hey Grove s endeavour in Gunshot Injuries of Bones is to

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he was fully aware of what Mr. W was suffering from

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Uability to induce nausea of themselves must be borne in mind. As a

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secured this paper and will publish it in an early issue. The

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in general that the proneness of a particular tissue to tumour

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he had purchased one month before in New York City. The

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haematuria an x v amp j examination should be made by an expert.

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Repeat the letters of the alphabet after wTiting and looking at each one.

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Sec. 15. Be it further enacted That all acts not in accord

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parenchyma but angioma papilloma papillary epithelioma

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Bacillol ointment each timfe it has covered even with an appar

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makeshift. His attitude has resulted in the appointment by

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level with the cerebral fissures. The interpretation of these

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upon the height of the lesion is determined by the amount of pressure

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the disease probably owing to this comphcation quite frequently

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tions as typhoid influenza malaria may be predisposing causes.

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rule cases of anorexia bear small doses well. The morphin may be

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chief physician W. W. Hawke reported great improvement in some

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characterized by no definite localization or predilection either for gray

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given quantity is given to a pregnant guinea pig of a given

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mology of the Royal Society of Medicine on 3rd March 1915.

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may be noted incidentally that the present is the fourth case to

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quency give 1 drop Fluid Extract of Veratrum Viride similarly diluted.

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Lorenz would Hmit the term muscular rheumatism to include only

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ifemarJks. Heretofore it has been customary to use only cold water upon

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child as named above in No. 3. The greasing is very satisfactory allaying

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there were colics. Bowels were either constipated or very

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Doctor Teresio Mongiardino Professor at the Superior Royal

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with certainty state that the urinary tract is the seat of a

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increase this power greatly and that with increased eHmination of

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marked loss of weight. The illness was also characterised by