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somewhat giddy. The pulse is languid and feeble but not very frequent.

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TYPHOID PNEUMONIA. Treatment. This should be like the

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fillment of these bombastic predictions and it finds much food

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upholsterers for ridding upholstered furniture of moths is the following and

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bowels. The original affection must first be attended to in these cases.

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According to the most recent researches it is not the coagulum

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pentine repeated two or three times a day. Pawing and slight

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general nutrition frequently gives rise to neuralgic pain as its accom

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stomach from accumulation of faeces after long costiveness it may also arise

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When a kidney is tuberculous the orifice of the corresponding

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Just two months after completing this work and writing the foregoing

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absolute quiet and rest become manifest and as the patient s general

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and therefore have no lifting power and as they are generally kept in

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conception and sterility. Other effects are miscarriage at all

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apparently has had a favorable effect upon the course of the disease.

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the matter of the health of our animals. If disease is rampant

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referred to in various places in the foregoing pages. In general it

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careful study. Certainly from my experience with mallein the

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valuable agents are fresh air and cleanliness. The clothing towels bed linen

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rapid heart and frequently present the appearance of vascular con

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pyuria. Cystoscopic examination shows changes in the ureter

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decompression on one or botli sides may be resorted to. It is extremely

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National Red Cross Hospital at Bellahouston Glasgow.

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at this particular point of the operation especially in young ani

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established or founded and that is the indication for treatment as shown by

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from its continued use as a method of rehef. Cannabis indica phena

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They occasion a kind of distress but no sharp pain.

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and becomes practically helpless. He has attacks of acute uremia

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Surgical treatment is worthy of further trial in cases of internal

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existed which ought to be provided for without delay.

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whether it is anything more than a disease of the imagination.

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Whenever nurses have an opportunity they should tell their patients what

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mality or at least none detectable by external examination.

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done but if one application fails apply again more thoroughly.

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gastric carcinoma. In pernicious anaemia we not infrequently

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tionable feature of Freud s method and that is the questioning of

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visceral symptoms present the physician should be careful on the

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Demonstration of passing improved stomach tube Dr. D.

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generous. Many thousands of our brethren have freely given

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Treatment. During an attack of myasthenia gravis the patient

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are as good as others. I have received a lot of demands from

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where a slough is soon to take place. The most important part

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terical palsies. How the latter measures especially electricity act

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Killer. Some analysis recently made in the East and published in the

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human consumption shall be subjected to the tuberculin test