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Furniture Upholstered. Carpets Furs Fannels Etc. The

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Among the various generalized neuroses that present themselves

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Psychiatric Clinics and Psychopathic Hospitals. In Germany

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cooked always prepare then more than will be eaten at the first meal.

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Southfield was under consideration. The Health Committee

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and the larynx should be carefully examined in every case of consumption.

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even by artificial infection the swelling of the lymph follicles is

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ran over 2 000 miles and carried nearly 1 000 patients.

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peral cases the blood count was sometimes observed as low as

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especially when they attempt to stand still. When on their feet such persons

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and filled and sealed one gallon jugs carefully corking them used common

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the greater density of bone in some individuals than in others

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amount of several pints. Washed it out with antiseptics and

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The changes in the brain that produce the symptoms have been

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If the symptoms are of particular severity a small renal catheter

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On the call of Lord Inverclyde a vote of thanks was awarded

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College who after taking the triple qualification in 1906

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while the urine is normal or contains an excess of mucin and epithelial

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nephritis vary considerably. Autopsy records show that the disease

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discussion being throughout illuminated by an abundance of facts of clinical psychological and

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drink if desired by the patient or let him eat ice.

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fibrous and free from glands with a feebly developed papillary

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marked fluctuation in the tension associated with attacks of dyspnea

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soda and salt each 1 teaspoonful flour. Directions Beat the eggs butter

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Bilateral Spasm of the Muscles of Rotation. Now and then the

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Practically no history was obtained. As is shown by the cut

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two thicknesses of it. All small particles caught in the vessel or on

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strengths the dilutions running from a 5 units strength up

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Monro s lectures at Edinburgh University in 1740 proceeded to

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should be treated by rest. In chronic cases the patient should be

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tion must be distinguished from general paresis for while it has some

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Assistant Visiting Physician to the Samaritan Hospital Troy. i2mo oi

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pachymeningitis. In a case reported by Annandale transitory im

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Hunter came on leaving Hamilton in the year 1741. Doubtless

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introduced as a substitute for mercury in various bilious troubles. In jaundice

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applied. The symptoms are different in different poisons but as prompt action

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the experience of most observers tabes occurs in patients who have been

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chapter on Magic and Witchcraft also Calmeil. De la Folic Pans 1845 and

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Oppenheim thinks that salvarsan is not more efficacious than mer

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location may lead to secondary changes in the dura over the point of

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Again temporary sterility may be due to constriction of the

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