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bercular projection. The case was diagnosed as keratitis and

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I now cut through the nerve in the upper angle of the wound

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the pelvis elevated. It produced no beneficial result at the

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proofing for boots and they will soon take blacking after its application

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young wife and mother to an asylum. This is a natural aversion

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helpful to the student. It is besides inaccurate when thus

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like that of an abscess an examination is necessary and the medical attendant

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in the Presbyterian and Polyclinic hospitals. A glass cylinder or the

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cythaemia with enlargement of the spleen is beyond question.

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doctored her most of the time. Mr. Doney in answering says

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Borderers killed in action on 25th September was a son of

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really wonderful as almost complete absorption occurred if the

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The pupils are equal and respond correctly to light and visual

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among other things he described the methods employed by the

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antisyphihtic treatment at least for a period sufficiently long to

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On palpation of the collateral metatarsal arteries tliere

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axones are in great measure spared as well as the nerve cells. The

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ing that all the bacteria have not become agglutinated. If a

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To illustrate this I will give a case Was operating upon a

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the cystoscope the size form and probable composition of the

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honour that was rightly paid to spontaneous patriotic service.

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ointment nliade of equal parts of arsenious acid pulverized juni

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about his body. The pilocarpin is given hypodermatically in from

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is performed as the chances are that in the former the injury is

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a sufferer from the disease and her younger brother referred

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peritonitis are generally clean cut and easily defined. The situation is

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adult guinea pigs with food containing solutions of India ink

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which culminated on several occasions in delirium tremens.

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deal and with the practical applications of these additions but

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by Mayor W. Scott of Tunb ridge Wells to be used for any

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change. Lommel has reported a case of portal obstruction

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quite common in the horse and ox in this vicinity. The value

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ing official guidance as to their course of action in view of the

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Sooner or later a convulsion comes on attended by a tonic spasm

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organ or part putting the whole machinery of the circulatory system heart

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In the profound depression of melancholia a mild stimulation is

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headed by the solar spectrum in colours. Another addition

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sound testicles simply a bluish cicatrix evident marks that

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Cream of Tartar and Soda are always to be stirred into the flour

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professional executives it has been agreed to entrust this

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Roll call was dispensed with as members and visiting veterina

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GALL STONES. Treatment. To reduce the spasm give Dover s

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through palsy of the tongue and the enunciation of various sounds be

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therefore difficult or even impossible to judge of the efficacy of thera

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adapt itself to the better manners of its companions.

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eroded the ulceration is widespread and the ulcers vary much

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duty in lectures and examinations and before them four years of

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bers of farms were examined generally from 90 98 per cent

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The autopsy was interesting Tubercular lesions were found

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printed notices of the establishment of said quarantine to the

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A considerable forward step was made with the discovery by

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including some of the more important books on immunity and the

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rise to manifestations indicating an early fatal ending. The

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this country than in Europe and in certain sections appears in

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surgical intervention will not only not reheve but may aggravate the

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ciation confidence was expressed in the satisfactory operation

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view is a great misfortune. The most clamant feature of

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as in the suppurative type. It may be borne in mind however that

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wife daughter and a Miss Ball were also drowned their bodies

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over the false nostril had been noticed for at least six weeks or

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Headache may be treated by the remedies usually employed for this

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urine be infected. If one wishes to remove a diseased appendix or

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stop from the same cause or it niay be entirely absent when