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PAINTING. TuEATMENT. Lay the patient upon the back with the
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these patients suffer. It may therefore be concluded that the festoon
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nurse in her daily work and embraces all the information that she requires
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familiar with the life history and habits of the same.
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of cold water and keeping warmly covered in bed will produce the desired
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take part in medical association meetings. There are a vast
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if necessary see Fattening Cattle Use of Molasses in then mixing in a
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or some other object about which a handkerchief has been wrapped
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the conditions under which resident medical officers may apply
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costiveness prevails and delirium comes on. The fever sometimes remits so
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complain of shght pain and stiff ness in the muscles. The degree of
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tumor may disappear without operation and the patients may remain
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of asbestos sheeting upon a framework of wood would be
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commend such a book to the expert alienist it may not be
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IV. Examination of the Trees for the Borer and Remedy
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staff. They found evidences of efficient Red Cross work all
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or fourth month and if proper measures be taken after delivery the return
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that the alcoholic strength of these wines is very high their
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stomachics. Cardiac disease or weakness causing passive congestion
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interference with function than by the degree of ptosis. The radiolo
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probably the new program will not be entertained as an im
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The various forms of spondyhtis due to rheumatoid affections are
The Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association started the
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scleroderma developed within three days over the entire trunk neck
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In a general consideration of headaches it becomes necessary to
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doses or fifteen grains which is just equal to one gram.
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is obviously very large. It must be cane sugar that is used as
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the heavy draught horse coach horse and general utility
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indicates there is confusion of mind often associated with hallucina
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the process the edematous indurative and atrophic. In the first
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variable dimensions according to the degree of intracranial tension
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purpose and with wider powers. But he makes no reference to his
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only has his long educational training fitted him for the broader
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ber of small pieces of bone removed. The wound cicatrized
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suggested that a nurse should be got in to be with the patient
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Dr. Gain gave a paper entitled The Perfect Horse. The
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a separate consideration. The term as used both by the laity and
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ial tubes than elsewhere. A well defined broncho pneumonia
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tions. There is also a tendency to discursiveness at parts
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This naturally leads to a discussion of the whole subject of the
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surgical aid or when thrown on her own resources. An especially valuable feature
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in the urinary sediment and may give evidence by their
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usually a liberal amount which he is to cofisume at stated intervals.
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before I saw him and I gave him some more thinking I
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may be confirmed by autopsy findings. However it not infrequently
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ing the second hypothesis regarding the organization of the
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rapidly so and its symptoms are determined by the involvement of
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D. College of Physicians and Surgeons Health Department New York Henry
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Sixth type the dyspneic cases In these the first symptom is
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almost always found a zone of h peresthesia or paresthesia which
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interference with function than by the degree of ptosis. The radiolo
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PICKLES Very Pine for Present Use and Keeping Over.
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authorities take up the work of tick eradication or the suppres
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when the carcass was cut in quarters and when sections were
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ous tubules. The eft ect of diet and alcohol upon the albuminuria
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in cases of facial paralysis. When the muscles have lost all volun
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mentioned injections for gonorrhea may be injected for gleet or the following