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point common to both extremities. It was then thought prob
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If they looked at the present work and that done in the past
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the city. Proceeding the report states that over fifty practi
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members of a family and may be transmitted through several genera
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As anemia is generally present the preparations of iron are indi
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but these changes are not so readily noted except by the symp
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of Minneapolis Minn. gives us her recipe which she says is delicious. One
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will make a nice cake better than some old ladies make.
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age and generally between the mouths of June and October.
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termination without previous warning. The patient may not be any
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ditions of mucous membranes Hamamelis witch hazel for hemorrhoids
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the Brief of 1883. Strychnine 3 grs. sulphate of quinine phosphate is
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Donald said that although the War Office authorities recognised
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undoubtedly true that a number of pyloric carcinomas seem to
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satisfactory. Having seen her this autumn she tells me that
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give a table below showing the proportionate nutritive flesh producing and
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will always be lacking. Prof. Udriski without committing
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competent medical attendants who went forth untrammelled
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devoted to assorting the products. They are also quite convenient being square
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lying behind the symphysis pubis and an enlarged uterus in
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ing malaria grave secondary anemia and possibly leukemia are
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into place. It goes without caying that provided the patient is not
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carried out so brilliantly in the Anderson College. At the
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newspaper gives the following simple method for exterminating rats and mice
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are the drugs. They may be given separately or in various combina
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time there had been a return of chills and fever nearly every
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warmed meanwhile before the fire and the application well rubbed in. It
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nearly four times the normal size and weighed four kilogrammes
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The treatment of chronic cystitis is modified by the cause. All
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bright red colour. The smaller ulcers may be rounded with
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the blood of animals shortly after death. These organisms re
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of the town patient to his medical man the latter had an uneasy
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good combination with other ingredients when not used alone.
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areas and to affiliate them on the lines of the circular letter
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Nurses at the Lewis Hospital Bay City Michigan. 121110 of 344 pages
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Dr. Delorme it may be explained completed the Precis in
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colics generally complicate the symptoms. Epizootics which
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any history of specific disease the patient a man of about 38
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I. Of Roup Treatment Make a solution of copperas water and with
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pathologist is clinically impossible as with our present methods of
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away and coming in violent contact with the shaft of a cart
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and sensory paralysis below the level of the divided segment com
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which are necessary to cause diabetes exactly appreciated.
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tions. Again he speaks of it as follows By repeated injec
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milking by the bull when covering and in the handling of the
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Again Kuster has employed a curette and Chismore used a
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raspberries red or black blackberries either should be perfectly ripe or per.
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turbation of the stomach persons have been advised to wear abdoni
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Holzknecht The bowel contents suddenly lose their haustral markings and
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Combined with the syrup of the lacto phosphate milky phosphate of lime it
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In conclusion on account of the failures of tuberculin
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the cracks which also excoriates and extends the inflammation to all parts
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Most writers are of that opinion and many say that fatal re
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The mechanical methods of treatment have been entirely too much
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the body as the face and neck and the arms and shoulders.
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An injury of the mediano radial artery the principal artery
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The silver salts so useful in most cases of cystitis are generally
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fingers were more deeply coloured than the rest of the hand
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produce perspiration or determination to the surface will afford relief. Should
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the chloral the sweating ceased and returned uo more the patient making a
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There is nothing with which to compare it but the arrange
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intestinal disturbances particularly constipation. Alcohol tobacco
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vasodilator impulses may leave the cord with the posterior roots
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yet undetermined develops delirium tremens. The latter usually manifests