How I Got My 13 Year Old Daughter to Mow the Lawn

How I Got My 13 Year Old Daughter to Mow the Lawn

August 1, 2010


Goes without saying I have a thirteen year old girl. Like most teens it is tough to get them to do anything. I'm a single parent and my daughter is modeling clothes. That is a lot to say in one sentence but think you get the idea.

I had trouble getting her to help out until I purchased a lawn reel mower. One day she was in the yard as I was mowing and I stopped to pick up some sticks. When I turned around she was mowing and has been ever since.

Because of a lawn reel mowers quite, light weight and safe operation my daughter really enjoys mowing our yard. She can get it off the hanger in the garage and mow at her own convenience. Sometimes mows half of the yard and sometimes all at once. If you have a yard or lawn under or around 10,000 sq.ft. this is truly the way to enjoy mowing your yard.

Since this day we have been working together to get chores done and finding new ways to get enjoyment out of these task. Working together has aloud us time to find new ways to enjoy life and our time together.

My hope to the reader of this article is that if you are in a simulator situation you fine that one thing that sparks your new beginning as we did. If it is a lawn reel mower or something else I wish you a lot of luck and hope in finding that.

Thomas Hergert

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