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Part of the problem with the term organic is it is too broad of a term. Just about everything on the market today can say that their product is organic. Most all products can be traced back to an organic beginning. Currently there is no federal regulation on what can be classify as organic.


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This is another very broad term that gets throne around. Here is Webster’s version of chemical; any substance used in or obtained by a chemical process. Water or H2O can be a chemical.

In a sense like organic foods no one can grow plants without using some kind of chemical. Somewhere in the process chemicals are used.

In this article I will be talking of the safe use of chemicals.


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A general term describing any chemical used to destroy, prevent, or control any from of life that is declared to be a pest. Common examples include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides and nematicides. Legal interpretation of this term also includes plant regulators, repellents, attractents and defoliants.

Consider that if an aspirin controls a soil pathogen it is a fungicide or dishwashing soap used to control soil pathogens it is a fungicide.


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IPM (Integrated Plant Management)

An organized management program to best control pest without adverse effects to humans, wildlife, plants and the environment.


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