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rarely extensive or clearly outhned. The prognosis is better than in

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abdominal fades. No hernia could be detected and beyond

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The chairman referred to the important work carried on by

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friends of the patient should be warned beforehand. They are more

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Medicine and secretary of the Ophthalmological Society of

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cannot entirely take the place of mechanical restraint in any institution whatever its

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should not prove practicable and beneficial. In the more chronic

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which are still capable of infecting guinea pigs i The

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tipsy man s and complete paralysis soon results. Eruptions on the skin may

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some years ago a London Eng. physician reported in the London Lancet the

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and was proceeding with the operation to the point of punctur

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sometimes proves very efficacious. If the stomach be intolerant the

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eral months. See next item also for other uses of this new remedy.

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when she returned to practise in Scotland she ceased to be

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was added to the water every two or four hours. Hypodermic injections of

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less so than formerly and up to this date has had no further

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ing the cow house and very well adapted for washing the ani

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the skin and vessel changes Lerrede and Thomas. The vascular

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induce the noisy lunatic to keep quiet. When things went wrong

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course of exophthalmic goiter or myxedema transitory sweUings are

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first and subsequently to endeavor to make the movement simul

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trophic origin. Putnam regards trauma as of influence in etiology and

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necessitating several days in bed and the frequent use of opium.

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under present circumstances was due to the fact that food

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Cile or Gall. A secretion from the liver which aids digestion.

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clot in this locality is almost inevitably fatal. It may be said in

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tumblerful cider vinegar J tumblerful. Dose a table spoonful every few

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II. Eat regularly not over thrice a day and nothing between meals.

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Massage and Exercise. Massage is much used as routine treat

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frequent and bulkier and small doses of codein or morphin from 4

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strated bone changes by ic ray examination. The joints are frequently

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ing the service will range from 1 000 to 1 200 together

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was a school teacher which he abandoned to enter the Chicago

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land ponies. The disease is found under all soil food and climatic

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and magazines 139 480 cigarettes 409 lb. tobacco pipes walking

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papers and magazines on the subject of painless childbirth or

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many years. While syphilis may or may not have been a

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Fourth type In cases of this type the disease started with all the

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not infrequently involves anatomical considerations often of

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negative results. The second possible explanation is an abnor

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strengths the dilutions running from a 5 units strength up

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Remarks. If the vinegar is properly spiced this plan makes them very

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do this when possible considering other work I will however give a word

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from the eye became purulent and some home remedies were ap

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use a Sims position in which they get good posterior bowing of the

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painless. They are not adherent to the skin and they join the

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namon then prepare some nice bread and butter. Line the bottom of your

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every instance. We meet cases every day in which we are com

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an inflammatory condition of the bones terminating in osteo

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tive action is increased and it can be more easily emulsified

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must be somewhat gratifying to Prof. Liautard to find that the

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loss of consciousness elevation of blood pressure occasionally slowing

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organised that the tuberculosis officers assistant tuberculosis

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The chairman said that one refreshing aspect among all the

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ceaseless grind of turning out hundreds of new laws each year

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While differing thus in the onset there is still a possibility

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of immunity is still a puzzle. Judging the question whether

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it with also the odor sui generis at the nostrils. But this is

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interference with the flow of urine and retention the patient should

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fication so called from its eating away the flesh. Gangrene may be considered

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Sections of the lung show many areas of consolidation with

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was very entertaining in describing the life history of parasites.

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Dr. Zimmermann has used peroxide at Budapest in the treat

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slacked lime finely powdered rub the knife till all the rust has disappeared.

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