Gilmour Push Lawn Mower Review

Review of the Gilmour Push Lawn Mower

About Gilmour Manufacturing Company

Gilmour manufacturing push lawn mower company is a subsidiary of Vermont American Corporation, a major producer of lawn and garden products. In 1998 Gilmour push lawn mower manufacturing won the Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence. A company being green to produce equipment to help us be green.

The Gilmour push lawn mower Company was founded in 1949 and today manufactures from Somerset, Pennsylvania and Excelsior Springs, Missouri.


Gilmour 20 push lawn mower  

Gilmour push reel mower

  • Includes Free Grass Catcher
  • Silent Cut Design
  • No friction allowing the mower to cut like scissors
  • Dry Powder Coat on metal components
  • Sealed bearings
  • Replaceable blade
  • Cutting height from  1" to 3"
  • 20" inch cutting width
  • Two small wheels in back for a straight line
  • Large (7") metal cover to protect overhanging flowers and shrubs
  • 37 Pounds
  • One Year Warranty

Gilmour Push Lawn Mower

Reg. $319.00

Sale $151.44

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 American Reel Mower Sharpening Kit

Sharpening Kit


Review or the Gilmour Push Lawn Mower

With my experience with the Gilmour push lawn mower starts with the look of American made quality. Its powder coat finish and metal design looks and feels great. The Gilmour push lawn mower is heaver then some reel mowers of today because of its quality construction but is still lighter in weight then others. When the Gilmore push lawn mower is adjusted correctly pushes very easy. 

I also like Gilmour 20" width design to get the job done and the wheels in the rear to help mow straight. Its 5 blade reel was great at getting the combine effect of pulling the grass into it. This worked well on Blue Grass and Rye. I don't have a the ability of trying this push lawn mower on other grasses at this time.

With the Gilmour push lawn mower and all the reel mowers I try out, I ran a file across the front edge of the bedknife to remove any paint and to make sure it is sharp. Then test it on long wet grass. I was satisfied with the cut that I received from the Gilmour push lawn mower.



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