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not to be classed as a lesion of the peripheral motor neurone alone.
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Stock Sanitary Board is our chief agent in carrying on the com
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pain Plugging of left ureter with clot Severe hoemorrhage
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These tumors originating frequently from the membranes of the cord
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pial vessels is associated with a more or less serious contusion of the
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district Mr. Muir studied medicine at Glasgow University w here
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An appeal was issued in Ayrshire for subscriptions to the
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matters of difficulty and the true helper and friend of all the
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urine previously always with a trace of blood became free
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the left sympathetic followed by atrophy of the soft parts of the face
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throughout the pons and into the quadrigeminal region.
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or less extensive in the posterior rarely anterior bony framework
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peristaltic waves at a long period after removal of the kidney and
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tendency to excite acute inflammation but when the mucous mem
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dura is finally eroded and the cord itself is involved. This leads to
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ciated with dehrium sometimes with cyanosis may precede the onset
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CHICKEN POX. Chicken pox is an eruptive disease which affects
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is the culmination of years of untiring effort on the part of Dr.
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