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by the owner. After preparing the field the tumor was dissected
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which occurred on 16th November from wounds received at the
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tissue fibres and they are there also accompanied by sheath
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for 500 was handed to Sir George Beatson for this object.
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her into pasture she walked to foddering place and began
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necessary for the proper functioning of the kidney. Later in the
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accompanied by pain which is increased by movements and
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once of the fact but to continue his investigation in order to discover
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arteries are in a large measure the result of cerebral anemia as the
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agulation of blood especially in marantic thromboses depends
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can absorb a large amount of water and become quite damp
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pathology and distinguishing features of these affections he
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location. The patient should not be allowed to become anemic from
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of our most reliable remedies for cases requiring the properties named some
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an edema of the mucosa about one ureteral orifice or this meatoscopic
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Hyperacidity of the stomach favors the production of calcuH
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process is the formation of scars which are permanent and give
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had better forego this luxury. My next is from Fern Leaves of Oswego
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interesting event and was held as usual in Philadelphia. The
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useful. Every month then during the time that the patient would under
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and bray pound it in a wooden mortar 20 grammes oz. of powdered
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visceral symptoms present the physician should be careful on the
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of the kidney is rare one kidney alone is generally involved the
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without detriment to any but on the contrary of great
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the top and sides where there was more or less exposure to air.
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ine is made from pomegranate bark which has been the main dependence for
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generally nausea and vomiting and usually there is pain and tenderness in the
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paired and sleep is disturbed or abolished. In some cases there is
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can be performed in cases of complete sensory paralysis without an
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around under and over. Clam chowder is done the same substituting clams
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beneficial influence. Unfortunately it is not always possible even in
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all the features of a malignant tumour. Hence has arisen the
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the title of the Muscovite method was adopted in England Germany Italy
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yond the tracks of the front feet. A horse of this gait generally
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ing of the law and a better feeling between the members and
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has difficulty in falhng asleep the oncoming of the first sleep being
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by releasing medical practitioners from civil life. These men
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way bring about the filUng of her time with some agreeable and suitable
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for the administration of the bromids or of chloral or of both these
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other symptoms so that it was considered no reaction.
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lasting fourteen days. In an interesting case recorded by Oppenheim
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do their own papering a few hints will not be amiss
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benzine wa purchased at 30 cents a gallon retail. Using a small watering
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he learned that the pony having been taken out for exercise
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lism and delirium while in neurasthenia it is not uncommon to have
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The exact origin of the tumour it has not been possible to
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small pieces of ice to swallow by champagne by spirits of chloro
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should be combated if possible by improvement of the general health
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