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leading by absorption therefrom to the synovial and serous
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kettle will hold without boiling over. Let it boil slowly stirring often. When
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for Cuts Bruises Wounds etc. But the smartweed ointment is considered
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After backing the horse into his stall in the usual manner
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It is an interesting little pamphlet which emphasises the need for
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colleges there are four where no high school education is re
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on without a sufficient regard to consequences. The belief that
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if the stomach or alimentary canal are irresistible it may produce diarrhea
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In regard to the article in the April Review on Throm
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Born in 1844 Dr. Buchanan w as educated at the High School
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he treats are the influence of environment and heredity in
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I. The matter is that the blood is thoroughly vitiated and improving it
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after birth. These generally occur from five to twenty minutes after the birth
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and that the testimony of Koch proved conclusively that there
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greatly reduced by the methods introduced and popularized by
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favoring elimination. An important point in regard to diet consists
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should keep moving. Fainting is sometimes induced by sudden surprises and
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The second stage should then be performed four to seven days later.
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stood. The vascular changes are not apparent and the formation of
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conclusion might be drawn by a badly disposed reader when
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sixth case No. 66 a trotting horse sidebone on the fetlock
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practitioners to the population has scarcely altered the dentists
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room for our meetings and the courteous treatment they have
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ceptible there is no indication of an acquired immunity to be
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decades. The preventive treatment of cerebral abscess as applied to
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restore strength and appetite to weak and debilitated females they have no
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Similarly though less frequently retropulsion and lateropulsion may
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but curative both in bleeding and blind piles where no tumors come down.
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with a gradual undisturbed recovery. Progres Vet rinaire.
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made up from the experiments and analysis of the most eminent agricultural
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more local trouble than the inconvenience of dressing the lumbar
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reported have been chiefly cerebral hemorrhage general paralysis
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ward blocks. The arrangements generally are designed to
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Hematuria that comes from overexertion such as bicycle riding
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ing upwards did not notice anything wrong with the horse
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obtain elsewhere in a collected form they convey it impartially
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scopically there is hyperplasia of the pulp with marked
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method of drainage by a suprapubic tube is preferable. The operation
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response was being made to the appeal for funds for the Scottish
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communicated the following item of Mr. Hines to the Detroit Tribune which
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of the herd and not seen again by the owner for about six
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wives in the poorer houses of Glasgow forgot everything
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their appreciation of the great record made by the Old School.
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quoted in the Small pox Report 1900 02 in this connection.