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have given the best results in the hands of the author. The

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Remarks. This was given in the Scientific American by a celebrated physi

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glanders is brought into contact with certain cultures of either

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ward midway. The assertion that the nerve is to be felt as a

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to the skuU. This is the case notably with some forms of rheumatic

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circumstances. The smooth working of the system legalised by

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duration. In fact all the redness was round about the mem

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taken between the hours of eleven and one or between the hours of

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tion in medicine Dr. Goff became a Fellow of the Royal Faculty

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so little effort or so slight a circumstance that the conservative

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the new Department of Veterinary Science of the Colorado

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dren more especially in children from six to twelve or thirteen years

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is followed by the escape of a large quantity of blood which

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Notice the point however that he feeds extra as recommended in the next

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the rectum of 8 ounces of normal saline solution with or

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remedies heretofore employed have had little success. Perhaps nothing now

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veterinary police measures was matter of inquiry. In March

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Bibliography. I have received from the house of Bailliere

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urine the quantity may be increased or diminished. The secretions

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too thick as it gathers dampness and molds without these precautions except

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brain. In the discussion that followed this paper it was stated

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true sufferer from hay fever will produce some inflammation

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It has accommodation for 350 cases and space can if necessary

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especially well demonstrated with patients known to be im

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the pelvis in the doublings of these expansions are situated the ovaria the

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Marble Cake. Light Part White sugar 3 cups whites of 6 eggs

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vibratory trembhng or numb sensations or it may be of fuUness and

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Alvin was eleven years of age his parents located near

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cities they do not supply facilities for outdoor life hence they are

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to these must be ascribed an etiological significance.

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of delirium tremens and who was of course notably an

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and activity of pepsin and rennet in the test meal. When there

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in this disease will be observed. The bones of the lower jaw

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tended and winding appearance then the patient complains of frequent flush

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plane of the endothelial layer. Later the coagulum detaches

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of course is much more nourishing and if properly seasoned as suggested in

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causes balls of food to form which drop out of the mouth

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the patient complains of a disagreeable nasal discharge. All sources

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internal. They pass round the neck like a collar Hodgkin s

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tartar 1 tea spoonful soda tea spoonful with flour to make a suitable

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with certainty state that the urinary tract is the seat of a

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three times daily and slowly and steadily increasing the amount as

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primary degenerative conditions a much more active treatment should

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to get the unconscious patient to swallow although if the stupor be

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The second as myelocele myelomeningocele or meningomyelo