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the functional activity of the renal epithelium is frequently advocated.
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ing the point of any sharp pointed instrument into a paper disc
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gynaecology and he is therefore well qualified to deal with the
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ference with tumors and injury of the cord may be attributed on the
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connected by a corridor intersecting each block and separatino
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plain or saline for the purpose of flushing the kidney should also be
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sideration. If there is a well established peripheral aura originating in
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up till last Christmas when he was offered a commission in the
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EmboHsm is unusual as is a primary hemorrhage. When the disease
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We are familiar with the rheumatism of gonorrhoea the pain
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Abnormalities of sleep manifest themselves most frequently as
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Gucci and Lundborg have noted its inheritance through several genera
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other swine epidemics but cannot isolate the germs in a satis
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perfect and plump when if exposed to atmospheric heat and moisture they
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of extractive matters due to the presence of carbo hydrates
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has of late years maintained that hysteria is entirely the outcome of
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pathological significance. Yeast is found in both simple and
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directed to high arterial tension as a symptom in disease their use
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Knapp taking it. In the account which the Review received
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organisation whose efi ects were evidenced by the advanced
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I asked the nurses what precautions they were using in the
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Occasionally cases are met with in which Hquids as well as soHds are
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the disposal of carcasses of animals dying of anthrax the utmost
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too of the same individual varies at different times. Many persons
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opium is a valuable preparation for the same purpose. Give cold water as
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ment of chorea is the spring and in the out patient departments we
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that the State Veterinarian be placed on a salary sufficient to
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breach of the surface has taken place. In cicatricial or inflammatory stric
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unphysiologic strains to which the nervous system has been subjected
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still greater care required in the diagnosis between the haemor
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accommodation. Equally well equipped is the pathological
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unnecessary. The technique is exceedingly simple and is likely
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place in the corresponding kidney 4 the frequency size
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or cystitis is merely paUiative and should be continued only when
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drainage of the ventricles with a pure platinum tube pointed at
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beans are economical for feeding owing to the great saving they effect.
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I should like to agree with Frohner s view. All these
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mittent in character may be noted. The pupils vary somewhat
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showed any great trouble about her injury and ate well all the
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external angle of the ilium. The respirations were abdominal
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ities must undertake the work. She trusted therefore that the
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carbonate of calcium the subcarbonate and subnitrate of bismuth
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this antiseptic has been used only in a few instances.
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a fellow worker. They have been too long dependent on works
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that of a gentleman aged about 45 years who was manager
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cases the haemorrhage is usually due to some lesion in the
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but these changes are not so readily noted except by the symp
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administered and the whole of the fauces painted with a
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which was accepted and Dr. Jacob was elected to associate
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atrophy of the gastric mucous membrane. Such cases con
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therefore that preventive measures are most needed and most likely to be