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and rubbing with the teeth not alone the skin but even the

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medicines and the avoidance of all the causes leading to these difficulties with

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stroyed. Post mortem showed the larynx greatly swollen with

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as possible but the tumour could not be removed intact. It

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cases it cannot be determined except by microscopic examination.

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Neuromata occurred but once and then on the proximal

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The veterinarian told him it was azoturia they let her rest and

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recommended by Aufrecht temperature 104 F. to 106 F. continued

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dural hemorrhage in 37 and in many of these hemorrhage was the

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which surrounded the eyeball by the use of scissors and probe

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Remarks. This is certainly very desirable with children and delicate

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supposed septic infection in the bladder by cleansing and antiseptic

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The method is undoubtedly by maceration softening by steeping and then

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of casting and securing 7 Antiseptic precaution 8 Opera

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In the general form improvement is more confidently to be expected in

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equal quantities of cold boiled ham and veal chop fine separately have some

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part of the sacrum behind. The lumbar nerves supply the front and

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the rumen it had given rise to the usual symptoms of indiges

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whose hygienic surroundings are bad are most frequently attacked

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the diagnosis but at the. time I saw this boy lumbar puncture

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pressure is high arteries are not unduly thickened.

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shows that the total quantity for the year 1914 was 519 206

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cUnical picture was that of acroparesthesia. With marked arterio

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events which she had related to Freud when under his treatment had

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beginning with phenacetin and its congeners and ending with morphin.

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irritation. As these patients suffer from loss of appetite they desire

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comprehensive summary of the results of investigations directed

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irritability such as are frequently met with in hysterical women and which

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be borne in mind. Headaches due to stomach disturbances

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the bleeding mixj be constant but is seldom severe and the

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not be detected. One symptom will rarely be wrong it is the

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been aplastic of course the operation could not have taken

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oil in place of butter or cream. It is simple and easily made.

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Gangrene. Partial death of a part often ending in entire mortification.

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and the world laughs with you is still the reigning

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human have been reported and many of these have been

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leads to stone formation in the loculi the stones if small may be

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not be obtained. Then the responsibility rests with each one who shall

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Then of milk half a pint and of fresh eggs take six

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qualities to recommend it. And so may improvements go on.

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promotion of the late Professor George Buchanan to the Chair

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Remarks. Beans are not only a very healthful dish but they contain more

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Practically no history was obtained. As is shown by the cut

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regarded as a disguised testimionial to Messrs. Fairchild who it

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parts coming in contact with the tail must be maintained.

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descriptions are clear so far as possible concise the illustrations

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kidney pelvis of the kidney ureters bladder prostate or urethra

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movements of the stomach during digestion and we all know the

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nerve centers and to favor elimination. The bowels should be freely

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free passage of the finger although I had gained some ground

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would produce anaesthesia all through the abdominal region.

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by a previous damage to the mucosa of the pylorus inducing a

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The book is somewhat loosely written and contains so many

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Numerous modifications of this simple apparatus which is in

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found nothing and recommended rest. I visited it again on

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develops by the development of virulence in an organism that

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that was very like the gent as was here last night. He still

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to diaphoresis free catharsis and flushing the bowel with salt solution

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repeated frequently enough to control the convulsive seizure. Those

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Board of Control have appropriated new buildings and funds to

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Jacksonian convulsions and yet the author has known this to occur

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nambulism has no profound significance and the writer does not share

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intense muscular contraction of the bladder due to hypersensitiveness

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blankets Miss McArthnr s liniment next following is cheap and good.

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the tine arts of which he was widely known as a connoisseur.

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last meeting unanimously resolved to give the scheme their

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a leaflet. The treatment in regard to contacts is notable and

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scavenging public libraries and the like had all come on apace.