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Brill Razorcut

The Brill Mower Company

The Brill mower company was founded in Germany in 1873. The company was established by two Brill brothers who began by manufacturing lawn reel mowers. Today they are well know for their landscape rake/ scarifer. They also manufacture self-powered brill reel mower as well as riding mowers, shredders and other garden equipment.

Brill Mower Razorcut 38

Brill mower Razorcut 38 lawn reel mowers- 78371

Brill Mower Razorcut 38   
Razorcut 38 brill mower specs:cutting width: 38 cm (15.2 inches) cutting height: 14-45 cm (0.7 inches to 1.8 inches) weight: 17 pounds wheel diameter: 8 inches frame: ergonomically shaped with foam rubber handle silent cut design. 5 flame hardened welded steel blades sealed bearings dry powder coated metal surfaces. comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. The brill mower with its 5 blades is greart for cutting blue, rye and fescuses


$349.99 with a Basket

brill mower basket

Grass Catcher option for the above Brill Mower




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Brill mower 13 lawn reel mower

Brill mower Razorcut 13 inch Lawn reel Mower cutting width 13 inches, cutting height .55 to 1.8 inches 5 harden steel baldes










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