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destroyed we have a more or less rapid toxaemia like that

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space of three years. Its newest form should both widen the

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allowed to hold the electrode. The negative pole cathode may be

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and uncles and his maternal grandmother had died of apoplexy. The

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patient. If the diet and exercise are too far restricted while the

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a Fellow of Faculty qua surgeon qualified to hold office.

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to Serbia in order to deal with wounded from the Dardanelles

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I time on account of development of shortened tendon with

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on which an interesting discussion followed. Mr. John Weeks

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Young Chickens Best Food For How Often to Feed Etc.

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myself they naturally come to the shop whenever a horse is

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A nus. The external opening of the rectum lower intestines

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and uncles and his maternal grandmother had died of apoplexy. The

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has done better than I in pushing them forward he has shown

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to be unwholesome and were subsequently destroyed. It is

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writer has had two patients with stone and fibrosis confined to the

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nothing absolutely definite can be ascertained by a close

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and at the point of the penis during and after micturition

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HEMORRHAGE. Hemorrhage from the lungs may easily be dis

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extractives as sausage decayed food containing toxins that may

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writes enthusiastically of the treatment and Morrow Osier Schaeffer

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Headaches Due to Anemia and H3rperemia of the Brain and

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posterior triangles numerous glands can be seen and felt.

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And now what can be the conclusions after reading this

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Quite a number of horses were examined for lameness and

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schemes of a temporary character and the nature of 1 the

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was obtained some matter. Two guinea pigs were injected.

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Chisholm New Zealand Charles Evelyn Meryon Hampshire

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of the fibrous type. He has had no breathlessness or palpita

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tion of this sex incidence. Possibly the evil effects of alcoholism

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sons for testing his animals without convincing the owner. In

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lb. cocoanut 1 good sized one grated or dessicated dried cocoanut l lb.

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oil of sandalwood and oil of copaiba is better borne. Saw palmetto

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from the Gasserian ganglion to the periphery were noted in the tri

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Senile tremor affects mainly the head and arms it is a tremor of

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blood pressure attention has been called to the changes in blood

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Freud have led the latter to some very remarkable conclusions con

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great debt of gratitude. Amongst other things we had to

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adjacent land might be purchased if it came into the market.

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efficiency of the hot baths. Other contraindicatiQns to the use of

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element of pain and tenderness is lacking a more vigorous treatment

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irrigation is given for from ten to fifteen minutes. An ordinary long

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to be an ideal method of treatment having the disadvantage however

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general practice for at least seventeen years. Lanark at that

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hcematuria must be considered together as often the former is

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the other principal elements of food the fats starches and

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period. Cooking food renders its constituents more soluble and digestible

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bat against this and all other diseases which threaten our live

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Remarks. This lady s instruction is sound common sense and confirms

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Having ascertained that one kidney is diseased and the

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of physiologic and pathologic sexual phenomena in the determination

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Ice Cream with Berries or Peaches. Fruit frozen with custard

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Lorenz would Hmit the term muscular rheumatism to include only

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Fruit requires care in selection or purchase and also in its preparation

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diuresis water may be given freely.. In more severe cases especially

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dition. He was now taken out of the sling and although his

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I. The horse is the principal motive power on the farm and therefore

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bifurcation of the trachea are enlarged and cedematous. The

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in seven cases but frequently the deep situation and closeness

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much faster. The inability of dairymen to restock their herds

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retain the superior part of the alar cartilage. I kept the patient