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preventives of malarial poison the burning of brimstone in houses and I

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bacteria. The nuclei of the leucocytes will be stained a green

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Fric tion. Rubbing with the dry hand or coarse cloth.

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interest not only in reacquiring words in this way but in thus learning

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Prognosis unfavorable. He had been given some treatment

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secondary to scarlet fever can only be caused by the entrance

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in epilepsy and various forms of epileptic insanity. In other forms of

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volvement of the dorsal and lateral columns without strict regard to

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little cold water. Not only he continues will this treatment relieve the

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Corn Crib Rat Proof. A correspondent of the Practical Farmer

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speedily than the currant the effects of high manuring. If large and luscious

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procedure. In the last seven years the author has lost but five cases