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The Americn company was founded in 1895 by the family of Robert B. Kersey, the grandfather of the company's current president. The original facility was in Richmond, IN. The company moved to Muncie, In. in 1901.


In 1936 American Lawn Reel Mower Company purchased another  classic reel mower manufacturer, Great States Corporation in Shelbyville, IN. Today the company still operates out of the same plant and makes classic reel mowers under both the American and Great States label with 50 employees producing 700 to 900 mowers a day. American made line with the Scotts classic reel mower.

Great States 705-16 American classic lawn reel mower

American Scotts Classic 20 reel mower Great States

Great States 705-16 American  classic reel mower cutting width 16 inch, cutting height 1/2 to 2 1/4, 10 inch wheels, 4 section roller, 5 bladed  ball bearing reel, steel side plates.

Reg. $139.99

Sale $108.53


Great States 815-18 American lawn reel mower Classic

American 815-18 Great States classic reel mower cutting width 18 inches, cutting height 1/2 to 2/1/4, 10 inch wheels, 7 section roller, 5 blade ball bearing reel

Reg. $154.83

Sale $106.40

The Scott's Classic reel mower     has a 20" cut and large wheels to make the job easier.  Combining durability and maneuverability in a lightweight design. Equipped with rust resistant steel blades and durable 9" steel wheels, The Scotts classic reel mower are built to last.

  • 20" cutting width
  • Height range 1" - 3"
  • Quick-snap height adjusters
  • Dual Wheel tracking
  • 5-spider, 5-blade ball bearing reel
  • 10" composite wheels with radial tread tires

Reg. $159.99

Sale $125.19



Great States 1204-14 American classic reel mower

Great States 415-16 American classic reel mower American universal basket

Great States 1204-14 American  classic reel mower cutting width 14, cutting height 1/2 to 1 1/2, 8 inch wheels, 3 section roller,  4 blade ball bearing reel, steel side plates,  weight 19 lbs.

Reg. $116.70

Sale $71.24

Great States 415-16 American classic push reel mower   cutting width 16 inches, cutting height  1/2 to 1 3/4 inches, 10 inch wheels,  4 section roller, tempered bedknife and 5 bladed ball bearing reel, steel side plates

Reg. $128.46

Sale $91.02

Great States 1ST-SP American Reel Mower Grass Catcher  Basket of polyester mesh rot resistant fabric, Sturdy wire frame, handle hook and carrying handle, Galvanized steel bottom, Adjustable attached hooks,  Folds down for easy storage,  Fits 14", 16" (1240-2012), 18" (1240-2020), or 20" push mowers  




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