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About "Greatmower.com"

Greatmower.com was started by one of our members who has been a Golf Course Superintendent for 30 plus years. Over the past years golf customers has asked him about many of different problems about their lawns and what can be done for it. Most of the home owners are shock at the answers they get.

Expectation is usually to put some chemical or pesticide down. What they get is some safe environmental way of taking care of the problem. Sometimes the answer might include the safe use of a pesticide, teaching some different mowing practice or some other simple solution to the problem.

Mascot lawn reel mower in garden  Mascot lawn reel mower in the garden -2 


These are some of the old lawn reel mowers that he mows with. The smaller one wheel reel mower is used for trimming. You can hang the reel over the edge of a flower bed or flip it over and cut the edge of a walkway.

We promote only good environmentally safe practices at greatmower.com web site. The web site greatmower.com is owned and operated by TLH International LLC.


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