12 Reasons to Use

12 Reasons to Use A Reel Lawn Mower

  • You will have a brighter green lawn


    Grass Cut by a rotary lawn mower

    When a rotary mower is at its best slinging a single  blade around in a circle it bends the blade of grass over some causing the grass to be torn off. In doing this it leaves the grass with a jagged edge which when dries it looks brown or white.

Grass cut by a lawn reel mower

When a reel lawn mower cuts grass you get a scissors type cut. As the reel turns the grass blade is pulled into the bed knife cutting it cleanly like a pair of scissors.



  Gilmour Lawn Reel Mower
  • More disease resistant

Because of the clean cut of a reel lawn mower you have less bleeding and less area for fungi to attack.

  • Lighter weight

A reel lawn mower is very light weight and easy to push. By being light weight they help in reducing compaction of the soil. By reducing compaction you are also reducing the amount of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

  • Easier to store

Because these lawn reel mowers are light weight you can easily hang them on the wall in the garage saving space.


Gilmour 20" Reel Lawn Mower

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  • Less maintenance

Reel mowers are low in maintenance with no oil to change, air filter to clean, spark plug to replace and no pull rope to pull and pull.

  • Cost effective
On a reel lawn mower there is no gas, oil or spark plugs to buy.
  • Safer to use
There is no worry about  a reel lawn mower picking up a stick and sling it across the yard. Children and pets can play in the yard while you are mowing.
   Scotts 20 reel lawn mower
  • Low noise and save time

Have you ever got up early Saturday morning and wanted to head out to play golf but knew you had to mow before you went and your neighbor was still asleep. Reel lawn mowers are quit enough to mow without disturbing anyone. No ear plugs needed.
  •   Recycle grass clippings
Grass clippings are scattered to front or back of the reel  lawn mower. By recycling the grass clippings back in you are also putting the nitrogen and other minerals back.

Scotts Classic 20" Reel Lawn Mower

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  • I can get my 13 year old daughter to mow the lawn

Because of a lawn reel mowers light weight, quite, safe operation my daughter really enjoys mowing the lawn. She can get it off the hanger in the garage and mow at her own convenience.

  • Being green is the right thing to do

The emissions of one gas lawn mower per year is equal to 42 New cars running 12,000 miles per year. This is according to the US environmental Protection Agency " usa.gov Site".  Their is a mower exchange program available start with this link. "Mower exchange calculator".

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